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We're launching Orbea gear, created through Orca Custom, in both men’s and women’s specific designs. And with two different fit and finishes to choose from, we’re sure to have what you need to be at your best on your bike.

Wearing the best gear on your bike will help you perform to your best, this is why Orbea has launched two lines of gear for you through Orca Custom: PRO and CLUB.

The PRO line is focused on the competition rider. It's for those cyclists who are looking for high-performance, aerodynamic gear. The jersey in the PRO line is made from hi-tech Italian fabrics that stretch in four directions and offer exceptional breathability. The compression fabric of the bib short, in turn, allows you to work harder and longer by reducing muscle oscillation.

If what you want is comfortable endurance gear designed for long distances, the CLUB line will meet your highest expectations. Both lines include a jersey and a bib short. One of the top features of the jersey is its extra-soft microfiber fabric, which includes UPF50+ protection, so you can stay in the sun longer. The bib short retains its elasticity exceptionally well and conforms to your body like a second skin.

Whether you're a PRO or CLUB rider, you'll benefit from top quality gear that will boost your performance, providing you the comfort and breathability that you need to focus only on the next turn of the pedal.