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Loki becomes Laufey


Today we rechristen our popular, most fun-loving trail model - Loki will now be called Laufey. While Loki is a more famous god in Norse mythology, Laufey is his mother. And who better than a mother to rule the world?

We’re changing the name, but the host of features and possibilities remain the same: trail geometry for unlimited fun, the best aluminum on the market, boost technology, compatibility with 27.5” and 29” wheels, Digit seatpost… Never has a hardtail been so versatile.

We launched Loki in 2015 with spectacular results: “It was a favorite in the test” said Vital MTB at the time of its launch, while Pinkbike indicated:“It's a lot more fun than you would expect. Orbea has gotten the geometry just right.”That’s it. The name changes, but the excitement stays the same.