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Mauricio Méndez wins the XTerra World Championship in Maui!


The Mexican triathlete climbed to the top of the podium with a time of 02:49:39, becoming the youngest athlete to win this competition

The Orbea triathlete Mauricio Méndez won the gold medal at the XTerra World Championship held in Maui, Hawaii. This achievement has also made him the youngest triathlete to ever win this Championship, at only 21 years of age.

The Mexican athlete was the best in a race that was conditioned by the weather. The 1500-meter swimming stage was marked by rough waves, but in spite of this, Mauricio took the early lead. Then the muddy trails of the 32-km MTB circuit complicated this stage, in which Rubén Ruzafa ultimately captured first place. The last 10 kilometers were spectacular, however, and the Mexican triathlete nearly caught up with the leader on his Oiz.

The race then entered its exciting final stage. Only 2 km before the finish line, the Orbea-sponsored triathlete overcame Ruzafa and claimed victory, with a time of 02:49:39. Rubén Ruzafa finished in second place, with a mark of 02:51:03, while Ben Allen took away third place honors, with a time of 02:53:49.

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