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Aitor Otxoa Fernández, new Sports Marketing Manager


This new position that will be filled by Aitor Otxoa Fernández will promote product development, communication and will also boost sponsorships with our sales network.

We want to reach the top level of excellence wherever the Orbea name is displayed. And of course, we want to accomplish this without losing the essence that we have retained for more than 175 years.

What’s more, when we have a relationship with a team, dealer or ambassador, we must help them and support them in order to reach our common goals.

In a few short words, these are the main reasons for creating a new role like that of Sports Marketing Manager, which will be filled by Aitor Otxoa Fernández.

The objectives of this new position are none other than to promote the development of the most technological and advanced products, promote communication so customers can know and understand the data behind the innovation and, finally, to boost sponsorships throughout our commercial network.


To create the most technological and advanced product, Aitor will take part in the initial stages of product development with our teams and ambassadors, taking into account their opinions and feedback for perfect development.

“The Sports Marketing Manager is a facilitator for contact between Orbea and our teams, ambassadors and product developers in all categories in every category,” says Aitor.

In turn, he will also have the job of connecting content developers with teams and riders. This will enable us to put feelings and emotions to the innovation data, in addition to supporting the communications teams of our groups.

Finally, Aitor will be in charge of activating the different sponsorships with our commercial network, taking into account the needs of our different dealers, importers and sales staff. This way, we will be able to make the most of our efforts to add value to our dealer network. One example would be helping out at demo events to have a professional on hand to validate the technical features of the product.

“It’s time to take the step up to a new position in the marketing department, contributing value in another area of Orbea. I have no shortage of enthusiasm and passion,” says Aitor about his new role.