Only 300 places remaining for Pax Avant! Will you miss it?


Epic events can’t wait. As many as 1,700 people have registered to take part in a cyclosportive that’s becoming a leading race in our country. The countdown has begun. Will you grab one of the 300 places remaining?

Come conquer the Pyrenees. Remember: If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.Register now! Probably you already know everything about Pax Avant. For example, that it’s an endurance race that we’ve changed in response to your requests, so that you can participate both if you ride a couple of hours a week and if you can’t wait to face a challenge that would frighten away the bravest Tour de France racers.

For the 2nd edition of Pax Avant we’ve included a 3rd course, 100km in length, that completes the more challenging 143 and 183km distances. Regardless the distance you choose, you’ll enjoy the beauty of the Pyrenees, feel the toughness of their legendary mountain passes and get our great feeding services, as well as mechanical and medical assistance. Now it’s your choice!

- 100km, 2,400m climbing: Register here

- 143km, 3,600m climbing: Register here

- 183km, 4,981m climbing: Register here

Don’t think it twice; there’re only a few places remaining. And remember you can purchase the Pax Avant official jersey in our online store.