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New line of Orbea cycling gear for Spring/Summer 2018: Wear the colors of the Orbea Factory Team!


Discover the new line of Orbea Spring-Summer 2018 cycling gear: the best technology to reach your goals while staying cool and dry. You also get a special design with the Orbea Factory Team colors. Don’t miss out!

Good weather is here and so is the urge to take your bike out. We know this feeling all too well, and we also know that when the sun and heat are beating down on you, you need quality cycling gear to give it all you’ve got on your excursions and routes.

That’s why we are introducing the Orbea Spring/Summer 2018 line of cycling gear, a collection of sports clothing that has all the features that every cyclist is looking for during this time of the year: breathability, comfort, quality fabrics and exclusive design.

In this collection, we have put all our experience and knowledge to work to outfit you with the same technology that our teams use in top competition.

Aerosuit Road: a knife against the wind.

If you’re looking for a light-weight garment that really ‘cuts’ through the wind, then the aerodynamic Aerosuit Road is your best option. It is the most technical model in our Spring/Summer 2018 clothing line: designed for top competition on the world’s most demanding roads and mountain trails.

Thanks to its combination of materials and innovative technologies, the Aerosuit Road manages to reduce wind resistance, helping the rider go even faster. This feature makes it the ideal garment for training sessions and top level competition, which is why it is worn by Orbea Factory Team Ibon Zugasti, Alberto Losada and Tomi Misser.

The use of more elastic materials in certain areas, such as the sleeves, provides for a more aerodynamic fit. We’ve also added different textures in other key points of the garments, which provide the breathability you need for hours of pedaling.

The grip on the legs and arms makes for a perfect fit, keeping the sleeves in place so they don't ride up during the race. It also keeps wrinkles from forming, providing a perfect fit. Two practical rear pockets give you a secure place to carry your keys and gels.

Discover our entire cycling gear collection for Spring/Summer 2018!