Orbea ePowerbikes: Today my mountain is electric


Orbea has launched our range of sports ebikes, which are aimed at making you feel powerful once again, no matter what terrain you wish to conquer.

Do you remember your first days on the mountain? Remember the paths and trails you discovered and enjoyed on your bike? Close your eyes and think about those mornings when you put all your energy into reaching the top of the mountain, enjoying its own special soundtrack: the morning breeze, the birds, your breathing, the wind whistling through the trees...Days when you could completely disconnect and recharge your batteries.

Those feelings lie dormant inside you, and you can still hear the cry of a wild soul that yearns to be awakened, that needs to ride the trails once again to wherever they may lead, dodging every rock, conquering every puddle, ducking under every branch, enjoying the climb and pushing yourself on every descent.

Today, your true self is awakened and relives the excitement, the adventure. Today you will once again feel the explosive release of energy and that drive to overcome which flows through you, making you powerful, strong and capable.

Today you can recover that passion, by yourself, by giving your life back that wild, alive side.

Today your mountain is electric.