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Orbea and Etxeondo will equip the ‘Euskadi’ team with the best material for competition


The Orca OMR, Orbea’s top-of-the-line road bike, will be the weapon used by the team during the 2018 season. Etxeondo, in turn, has revealed the design of the new maillot, which will bring back the orange of the legendary Euskaltel-Euskadi team.

2018 marks the beginning of a new stage for the Euskadi team. After the boost the Foundation received from the arrival of Mikel Landa as president, it begins a season full of excitement, in which the cyclists of the continental squad will take on the competition with the best equipment. Orbea and Etxeondo want the young promises of the Euskadi team to have the same quality of material that both firms provide for their teams in the world’s most demanding cycling competitions.

Etxeondo has designed a new maillot for the Euskadi team, which in 2018 steps up to the Continental category. This maillot brings back the iconic orange color of the mythical Euskaltel Euskadi team, thus making it clear what the goals are for this new project: to begin a journey that will once again take a team of cyclists trained in Euskadi to the best cycling races in the world.

The Orca OMR will be the bicycle of the Euskadi team in 2018.A model created for competition, it has been designed to transform all the power of each turn of the pedal into more watts. The Orca OMR encourages aggressive cycling, thanks to a racing geometry that maximizes aerodynamics and efficiency. It is the ideal bicycle for a squad of climbers, like the Euskadi team.

What’s more, Orbea will also equip the team Euskadi riders with the R10 helmet: its optimal volume, light weight, ventilation and aerodynamics make for a multi-purpose helmet, which thanks to its characteristic cover, protects cyclists even on rainy days.

The Euskadi team, under the sports direction of Jorge Azanza, will debut on January 25 at the Vuelta a Mallorca. Throughout 2018, it will also compete in the Vuelta Ciclista a la Comunidad Valenciana, the Vuelta a Murcia, the Vuelta a Andalucía and the Clásica de Almería. The squad will also participate in other races on the continental calendar in France, Italy and Portugal.

Orbea’s commitment to the Euskadi Foundation dates back almost 25 years now. Etxeondo has also been part of this project, equipping Euskaltel Euskadi for several seasons. Both companies are now proud to work together to give new life to a project that has been the dream of so many fans in the Basque Country.