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Register for the Orbea Klasika Bilbao-Bizkaia!


You can now register for the first edition of what will probably be the most impressive challenge we’ve prepared so far. Are you up for it?

We’ve opened the registration process for the Orbea Klasika Bilbao-Bizkaia, a real cycling tourism challenge with a single route covering 128 kilometers and around 2,500 meters of positive elevation change, which will be held on September 28. The entry fee is €55.

The entry fee includes an Orca technical jersey valued at €80 and designed exclusively for the event (it must be worn during the event), a personalized bib with a microchip, mechanical assistance at the refreshment points and a Bike Party at the finish line.

In addition to this, participants in the first edition of the Orbea Klasika Bilbao-Bizkaia will have available to them four liquid and solid refreshment stands along the course and a sports refreshment stand at the finish line, showers, a supervised bike parking lot, a downloadable diploma with the times for the timed mountain pass climbs, medical and health service and mechanical assistance vehicles.

Single route

The first edition of the Orbea Klasika Bilbao-Bizkaia offers a single route on which you’ll need to give it all you’ve got to reach the finish line located at Alto de Artxanda, which is where the event also starts.

The route will challenge you with 128 kilometers and nearly 2,500 meters of positive elevation change, among its 6 mountain passes. The effort required is far from insignificant, as you’ll tackle ramps of more than 20%.In fact, we would like to remind you that if at this stage of the season, you haven't reached your peak condition, something that will help you out will be the right choice of gears.

As a reminder, a 30- or even a 32-tooth cog can get you out of a pinch and will enable you to tell your war stories, anecdotes and experiences at the pasta party at the finish line, along with the rest of the participants.

With a K for kalidad Orbea

At Orbea, we always work hard so that those who take part in our events enjoy them in the best possible conditions.

It’s our way of showing our appreciation for the trust you’ve placed in us when taking part in an event like this one. In the end, it’s all about enjoying yourself like we do when working for you.