Any plans for 24 May? The Orbea Orca Triathlon Team will be waiting for you in Bilbao!


There is a red circle on 24 May next year: Bilbao Triathlon 2014. The triathletes of Orbea Triathlon Team have marked the day in red on their calendars. What about you? Are you coming?

The Bilbao Triathlon 2014 date has been announced: 24 May. On this day, the boldest of triathletes will plunge into the estuary in Bilbao. Most probably, they will have to handle rainy, windy, cold weather. Albert Moreno, triathlete of Orbea Orca Triathlon Team, has defined last year’s race as ‘tough and EPIC,’ in capital letters.

What is this race like? Festival or hell? Actually, both! The 650 triathletes who competed last year felt the enthusiastic support from thousands of spectators flanking the course. This year, the party atmosphere in El Arenal is a good reason to come, even if you are not ready to attach a race number to your shirt.

Orbea Orca Triathlon Team are back

Orbea Orca Triathlon Team would never miss a race that witnessed the official presentation of the team in 2013. Åsa Lundström’s victory was evidence that we were taking it seriously, as was Albert Moreno’s fifth spot and Andrew Starykowicz’s sixth place. What’s more, the American triathlete was the first to emerge from the water despite the stomach problem he suffered throughout the race.

Visit regularly to learn more about the race. Soon we will announce registration dates, our roster and all you want to know about this coming event.