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Orbea presents the models Team Cofidis will compete with 2016


The team led by Yvon Sanquer will once again face the world's most demanding cycling competitions with equipment that is up for the challenge: our Orca, Orca Disc and Ordu bikes and the R10 helmet.

Competition is the best test bench for reaching our ultimate goal: developing the best bicycles so that our customers can enjoy their passion as much as possible. The equipment used by Nacer Bouhanni, Dani Navarro and the rest of the Team Cofidis riders this year is the product of everything we learned last season and the field tests we conducted with the squad during the 2016 pre-season.

For the different road stages, Orca offers the most efficient combination of aerodynamics, weight and rigidity to transform each stroke of the pedal into power.

What's more, Team Cofidis riders will also use an exclusive disc brake version of our Orca. Always keeping a close eye on the evolution and innovation in the bicycle world, Orbea has invested all its knowledge of disc brakes and competition in this model.

For time trials, Team Cofidis members will use the Ordu, known around the world as the record-setting triathlon bike and Orbea's most aerodynamic model.

The Team Cofidis gear for 2016 is completed by our R10 helmet: a model that is unique because of its compact volume, light weight, ventilation and cover, which make it the most aerodynamic helmet around and the perfect ally in bad weather.

The 2016 team led by Yvon Sanquer will compete with these 26 riders:

  • Jonas Ahlstrand (25/SWE)
  • Yoann Bagot (28/FRA)
  • Nacer Bouhanni (25/FRA)
  • * Rayane Bouhanni (19/FRA)
  • * Borut Bozic (35/SLO)
  • Loïc Chetout (23/FRA)
  • * Jérôme Cousin (26/FRA)
  • Nicolas Edet (28/FRA)
  • Romain Hardy (27/FRA)
  • * Hugo Hofstetter (21/FRA)
  • * Arnold Jeannesson (30/FRA)
  • Gert Joeaar (28/EST)
  • Christophe Laporte (23/FRA)
  • Cyril Lemoine (32/FRA)
  • Luis Angel Mate (31/ESP)
  • Rudy Molard (26/FRA)
  • Daniel Navarro (32/ESP)
  • * Anthony Perez (24/FRA)
  • Stéphane Rossetto (28/FRA)
  • Florian Senechal (22/FRA)
  • Julien Simon (30/FRA)
  • Geoffrey Soupe (27/FRA)
  • Anthony Turgis (21/FRA)
  • Kenneth Van Bilsen (25/BEL)
  • Michael Van Staeyen (27/BEL)
  • Clément Venturini (22/FRA).

(*) New member this season.

In addition, another six teams will compete with Orbea during the 2016 season: Euskadi Basque Country-Murias Taldea, the Visit Dallas DNA and Bizkaia-Durango women's teams and Michela Fanini. Finally, and as part of our commitment to support up-and-coming cyclists, the Fundación Euskadi-EDP and Ampo teams will also be equipped with Orbea gear.