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The wait is over: The 2019 Orbea Range


Conquer the asphalt and the mountain. Sweat and laugh. Ride through the city, over the trails and enjoy the freedom on two wheels.

We present an Orbea range that blends technology, quality, innovation, European manufacturing union and a commitment to the passion for cycling. The wait is over. You can now see the 2019 Orbea Range.


The major news for 2019 is an Oiz that aims higher than ever. Totally redesigned, it includes World Cup geometry that comes from years dedicated to the design of top level XC bikes. We employed cutting-edge technology to manufacture a frame that is as sophisticated as possible, but that weighs only 1.6 kg. We also worked with Fox to create the first remote locking shock absorber that is totally internal. Two XC and TR assemblies that make the bike more versatile, to fly by in the World Cup, marathons or on the trail. And as if this was not enough, Oiz is a MyO!

Alma adds new graphics and colors and a new frame, totally prepared for the new Boost standard, along with several updated components.


After all the success we experienced with the launch of the Rallon, 2019 brings new components for this model (Enve carbon wheels and four-piston brakes on certain models), while the specifications for the Occam TR and AM have also been updated for the best flow possible on the trail.


The Orca Aero is the model with the biggest news in the category, but the rest aren't far behind. The Orca Aero continues to sport the features that have made it such a success: a structure designed for maximum rigidity, a Freeflow fork, a short rear, a flat profile on the sides and seat post. It includes an integrated design with internal wiring for mechanical, wireless and electronic transmission, and (why not?), it’s MyO. But now it has the added bonus of disc brakes.

Orca debuts new graphics and colors, just like the Avant, which will also be fully customizable with MyO. On the off-road tracks, the Terra will be the king again this year, but with a new base model: an aluminum version we call the Terra H.


Our machine for triathlon and time trials, the Ordu, maintains all its technological innovation to scratch out seconds from the clock (a slightly lower head tube to reduce friction, a freeflow fork and shapes made from Mondragón tubes), but with new graphics and colors, as well as a new, more integrated handlebar.


If we revolutionized how people understand the road with the launch of the first Gain, we do it again with the Gain Carbon: a road ebike that weighs only 11.3 kg. To achieve this, we have developed a carbon frame with our best fiber and managed to entice Mavic into manufacturing carbon wheels, exclusively for this bicycle. The geometry has also been tweaked to make it more aggressive, and to make it easy to add an additional battery. The Gain is already part of the MyO program, which lets you create the bicycle of your dreams.

The recently introduced Keram also debuts a new frame and sport geometry that makes it easy to ride. What’s more, the integration of the Hide Out battery provides total protection and an elegant look, and it also offers the option for an additional battery.

With all its urban essence, the Optima brings together comfort, manageability and most importantly, a perfect balance, along with innovations such as the first vibrating remote control and finely-tuned motor made specifically for this bike. The Optima will share space with its small urban ebike cousin: the Katu-E. But there are still more news in this category...


For urban areas, the Carpe and Vector include new frames, colors and graphics, in addition to new specifications. In 2019, Katu continues to be exceptionally universal.


In addition to adding models like the Avant and Gain to MyO, the tool also debuts new paint with a gradient effect, which will be available for Alma, Orca and Gain models. It’s one step further in the creation of a totally unique and personalized bike. The Oiz, Rallon, Orca Aero and Terra will continue to be totally customizable.

And this is just the beginning. This fall, we will have more news in terms of bicycles, helmets and gear. Stay tuned! The wheel never stops turning!


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