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Orbea hits all-time sales record during the first months of 2018


We have reached €28 million in invoicing, which represents a 26% increase over the same period in 2017

In spite of the harsh winter, 2018 is off to a spectacular start for Orbea. The first three months of the year have turned into the best in the brand’s history. The figure of 22 million invoiced in 2017 increased to 28 million this year, representing a growth of 26%. Moreover, these gains have been across the board, in every product category we sell. Comparing this years figures to the same period in 2016, we realize a 55% increase.

The boost in demand is something we anticipated in our Management Plan in light of the data we had at that time. But the scope of the growth has exceeded even our best expectations.

We are tackling this demand with enthusiasm and commitment - we’ve made a substantial investment in our facilities in Mallabia, where we opened a new painting zone on April 16, and we have implemented new manufacturing and assembly lines specifically for ebikes. We’re continuously adding new talent in all areas of Orbea. We are also working shoulder to shoulder with our suppliers in order to increase our purchase orders.

Thank you to everyone who has placed their trust in Orbea. We will continue to work day after day to offer each and every one of our clients the best possible service.