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Thomas Lapeyrie, Enduro champion in France; Gabri Torralba and Sandrá Jorda, champions in Spain!


Our Orbea Enduro Team riders and ambassador Sandra Jordà, superb in their respective national competitions.

Thomas Laperie continues to be unstoppable after his recovery. The Orbea Enduro Team rider was the fastest in the national French enduro championship held in Val d'Allos, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, in both the scratch and elite categories, thanks to an overall time of 52' 42" after 5 timed segments. Next to him on the podium were Nico Quere (+19") and Alexandre Cure (1' 24").

As a result of this excellent performance, Tlap donned the jersey with his national colors for the first time in his career. "A maillot that feels especially good after months of struggling,” is how Thomas described it after the competition.

The French rider reappeared last May in the French round of the of the Enduro World Series after experiencing health problems at the start of the enduro season in Chile. Once back, he finished with great results in the last two enduro rounds: 13th place in France and 9th place in Austria/Slovenia.

Spanish Enduro Championship

Held in Villa de Teror, in the Canary Islands, the results have been just as exceptional for Orbea’s riders. Ambassador Sandra Jordà defended her title as Spanish enduro champion in the elite women’s category, stopping the clock at 26'50", followed by Elisabeth Breval (+4'20") and Laura Sanz (+7'23").

This is the second consecutive title for Sandra Jordà in enduro, which is added to the list of triumphs she has earned in the mountain, such as 2017 Spanish XCE Championship and the 2017 and 2018 European Ultra Marathon Championships. A real all-rounder who keeps adding to her victories!

In the same competition, Gabri Torralba was declared Spanish enduro champion in the sub-23 category and runner-up in the scratch category, thanks to a time of 20'14", a few short seconds behind first-place finisher in the all-around, local rider Edgar Carballo.

The Orbea Enduro Team rider shared the podium with Mariano Mari (+1'05") and Eric Martínez (+1'43") before setting off on the new round of the Enduro World Series, along with his teammates, in Italy on July 21-22.

Like always, you can follow this competition on the team’s social networks (Instagram and Facebook), at and also on their website.

Our riders have won in their respective competitions on the Rallon, our beast to conquer even the steepest mountain.