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Working in association with Team Cofidis we are developing products for the specific demands of the mountain stages with Dani Navarro and Luis Ángel Maté, and for the sprints with Nacer Bouhanni. And this is only the beginning of a series of technological developments we are working on in order to put the best bikes and helmets in your hands and to power your passion.

Orca Replica

Nacer Bouhanni's word alone that the Orbea Orca was ideal for tackling a sprint finish wasn't enough. We put our philosophy to work conducting a battery of tests designed to help develop a frameset (frame and fork) especially for the sprint finish. The result is an Orca that's 40% stiffer in the lab, one that allows Nacer to reach higher speedpoints by generating the same amount of watts.

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    Improving sprints with Nacer Bouhanni

This bike is the result of a collaboration between Orbea and Team Cofidis: 20% lighter, 24% stiffer, up to 62% more efficient and with a racing geometry designed to satisfy the highest demands.

The machine we have evolved in conjunction with the Cofidis team, now at your fingertips.


The feeling on the bike is awesome. The bike is responsive when you speed up; it performs well in sprints, transferring all the power you apply. It’s the best bicycle I’ve ever had

Dani Navarro

What I really like about this bike is how it pushes you forward. I recall my first day on the bike. I rode for four hours. The first thing I noticed when I stepped on the pedals was how it pushed me forward. This I hadn’t experienced on any other bike before

Dani Navarro

Luis Ángel Maté

I’m amazed at the bicycle’s responsiveness. When you stand up on the pedals, when you speed up, the bike dashes off. Besides, it’s a bike whose aesthetics I like; it catches your eye

Dani Navarro