Ordu translates to “moment” in the Basque language. It’s the perfect name for a bike created to capture the efforts of training and distill them into the present, a single focus on having the time of your life. The time you push so deep into the tunnel you can’t recall the minutes spent on the road. When heart rate, wattage and geaR selection completely vanish from your perception and it is only you and the bike. We all know moments like this - the rarest of events when somehow you ride beyond your capabilities and do the perfect effort. Everything clicks into place and you have the time of your life.




Ordu may be best known as a record-beating triathlon bike and to be sure, time spent in the wind tunnel tells us the new bike is going to win a few Ironman splits. But just in case 180km time trials aren’t your thing and you only run when you’re being chased, this Ordu was painstakingly shaped to comply with UCI regulations so that road racers can exploit the performance of Ordu without compromise.


  • 2007

    For the last decade, the Ordu has been the most dominant bicycle in professional cycling. It has been on the top step of the podium at nearly every major event worldwide, winning multiple championships and setting records that stand today.

  • 2010

    2 x IM Hawaii winner

  • 2013


    4:02:17 IM Bike Split WR


  • 2016

    And with great success, comes great expectations. The new Ordu was built to shatter those and to help you do the same to your personal best out on course.

    Andrew Starykowicz and the new Ordu smash record at Challenge Roth! 4:09:13


The new Ordu is for the serious triathlete looking to upgrade an existing bike to something faster, lighter and more specific. Ordu is also the choice of elite or professional road racers who need a UCI-legal time trial bike.Ordu is the racing platform of Team Cofidis and Orbea/Orca Triathletes.