15 July 2019

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Recipe for Success

What makes up the DNA of a top Cross Country machine? It’s a combination of chassis, suspension and geometry that are adapted to aggressive riding at top speed and full exertion. None of these things by itself makes the best bike, it’s only by checking ALL these boxes that we are satisfied, and the only way you can fall in love with your bike when it helps you cross the line first, top a rooted climb ahead of your friends, saves you from a gruesome get-off, or garners a wolf whistle in the parking lot after a ride. Oiz does these things every day.

Seeking the holy grail of low weight and perfect stiffness

The UFO design of the Oiz uses tuned flex of the seat stays to eliminate the need for a pivot near the rear axle to make a lighter, simpler bike that requires less maintenance. UFO bikes are laterally stiffer for precision and acceleration that you’ve never felt in a full suspension bike. UFO saves about 110g in bearings and hardware on the Oiz frame and yields a weight of 1.7kg for a MD (OMR/Fiberlink), making it possibly the lightest full suspension frame available. The amount of force required to flex the stays is negligible, amounting to about 2% of the force required to fully compress the suspension.

The perfect suspension characteristics for our XC masterpiece

XC suspension is different from that of a trail bike. Racers want suspension that is virtually unnoticed until it is needed, and no energy should be wasted when the trail turns upward. But balancing efficiency with control is a difficult task. Riders will frequently inflate their rear shock until there is very little sag for excellent support under power, but they still need a design that soaks up rough terrain and allows full travel when needed.

The Advanced Dynamics suspension of the 100mm Oiz XC and 120mm Oiz TR delivers on both fronts. What are the differences between the two flavors of Oiz? Check here for a complete explanation.


See Squidlock


All Oiz models feature our I-LINE fully-internal suspension lockout system developed exclusively by Orbea with Fox. The compression control is moved to the upper side of the shock, keeping the remote cable invisible inside the frame.

To control this suspension we’ve developed Squidlock

Universal suspension lockouts on the market can be disappointing. Many are bulky with unattractive in-line cable adjusters and only offer two positions - locked and open. A high-performance bike calls for a sleeker design with a mid-compression setting to get the most from your suspension, so we developed our own solution. Many remote shocks are already compatible with a three-position lockout and Squidlock unlocks this potential.

Squidlock tucks away under your handlebar and lockout levers have a positive, easy to manage feel. No plastic housing or covers, Squidlock is lighter and more robust than a standard lockout. A sleek thumb lever is integrated with the handlebar clamp for riders who choose a dropper seatpost. Squidlock does away with the need for barrel adjusters with minimalist set screws inside the cable mount. It’s a tiny detail, but it saves weight and removes unnecessary complications.

This terrific upgrade is standard equipment on top Oiz models and is available as an inexpensive upgrade though the rest of the range. Additionally, Squidlock is compatible with any bike that is already fitted with a remote lockout and 3-position suspension.

New additions to the Oiz range

The biggest news for 2020 is the addition of a new high-polished welds hydroformed frame. Because it shares the name Oiz, the aluminum frame receives the same level of design attention as the carbon - The tubes are butted and hydroformed with smooth, polished welds to match the dramatic look of the monocoque frame. In addition to the aesthetic improvement, there is also an important functional advantage to working and smoothing the welds since these junctions are the highest stress points of the frame.

The extra time associated with producing these frames means that only our most exclusive Oiz and Occam hydroformed frames are manufactured this way. Hours of additional hand work and bead blasting ensure a premium product that looks and performs like no other.

It’s clear that 2020 is a big year for Oiz, with nine models across a large price spread. At the top-end we find the OMR frame paired with the svelte Fiberlink suspension linkage that yields the lowest frame weight. In the middle of the range we have combined the OMR frame with an alloy suspension link. Finally, we see the new smooth-weld, hydroformed aluminum Oiz with alloy link to bring the same XC adrenaline to even more riders. Here is a breakdown of frames and options:


Oiz OMR with FiberLink • MYO Personalization • Squidlock Included


M20, M30

• Oiz OMR with AlloyLink • Two stock colors • Squidlock Option


H10, H20, H30 • Oiz HYDRO with AlloyLink • Three stock colors with component options through MyO • Squidlock Option

Discover the new Oiz family


With these exciting updates there is an Oiz for everyone, whether you put a number on your bike and push your performance to the limit, or you are seeking all-day rides with plenty of elevation and good times with your riding group.

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