Discover the new Orbea MX 15 and MX 25


The MX range is designed for very serious fun. Fun that can now be had on the new MX 15 and MX 25 models.

It’s a new concept of R&D: Innovation to provide more Fun! Technologically speaking, MX bikes are especially innovative. Below, we’ll explain the technological concepts and details behind Orbea’s MX line. They’re real fun machines.

Las MX son bicicletas tecnológicamente innovadoras, diseñadas con el fin de divertirse al máximo con el espíritu del “mountain-bike” más auténtico: buenos piques entre amigos, salidas trialeras, rutas largas, alguna marcha, muchas risas y mucha naturaleza… ¡“Mountain-bike” en estado puro, en resumen!

These bikes are “always ready”, thanks to their ICR cable routing system. They're also more rigid and resistant where it is needed most, thanks to the Super Strong Neck technology. What's more, their Orbea MX Compact Geometry allows for noticeably better steering control, agility and stability, both uphill and downhill, on either tracks or trails. There's no doubt about it, this bike provides maximum pedaling efficiency for riders who are looking to have fun.

The new MX 15 and MX 25 models have everything that makes Orbea MX bikes incredible models for enjoying MTB. As a new feature, they also include better suspensions with remote locking as well as Deore and XT, rear derailleurs, respectively.

Are you ready for (even more) serious fun?