Pax Avant, Three Cows, and a Destination


What would you say if we suggest a course that has a history dating back nearly 650 years?

In 1375 the people of two Pyrenean valleys, the Roncal Valley in the Navarre region of Spain and the Baretous Valley on the French side of the border, made peace after many disagreements about the boundaries of these neighboring territories. The local officials eventually reached an agreement through which the Gauls had to surrender three cows to the Navarrese each year. This tradition is celebrated every July, bringing political representatives and citizens of each valley to witness and partake of the festivities that follow the solemn ceremony. As in years past, three animals are selected and delivered. The act closes with the pronunciation of two words: Pax Avant! (So let there be peace!)

We want to explore that concord with a cycling tour running through the two territories. Orbea Travel's Pax Avant joins the beautiful Pyrenean villages of Isaba, Larrau, and Aramits Arette. We will offer two cycling routes, one of 124km and a longer route at 211km. Both will allow you to discover wild places and great ecological treasures aboard your bicycle.

The short course will take you through the mythical Pyrenean locations of Laza, Orhy, Lie Col, Col de Labays, and Lapierre St. Martin trufarán. Our objective is to create an unforgettable experience where your passion can join the road and contact with nature. The short course is characterized by its intensity and beauty.

The long course visits many of the same places but the route is designed to take you higher, offering a greater challenge and perhaps more impressive views from the crown of the Pyrenees. You'll ride through Laza, Orhy, Bagargui, Issarbe, Lie Col, and Col de St. Martin Lapierre Labays. Everything is ready, do you feel like pedaling?

At Orbea we are very excited about the first edition of this tour through these beautiful places that we know will captivate and inspire. At the beginning and at the end of the adventure, we will seal the deal. We will pronounce: "Pax Avant".