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That Magic Feel

Designing a little bit of compliance into a frame adds comfort and also helps the bike track the ground better, especially at speed. Laufey's magic handling and composure when things get gnarly comes from that tuned rigidity and every tube has been carefully designed to offer the most fun, responsive ride possible.

These are details you only notice when you push that little bit too hard and wonder how you got away with it!


Vertical Compliance

Vibration Absorption

Built to shred with a mixture of precision, accuracy and absorption

However precision and accuracy need stiffness and absorption needs compliance, so how do we do it? The frame from the headtube to the bottom bracket is stiffer, adding precision, accuracy and pedalling efficiency where it is needed.

That gives us freedom to design the rear triangle and toptube to maximize vertical compliance.

You see this design right away when you look at Laufey and it is what brings that magic feel.

Tuned Stiffness

Studying the way a frame behaves at speed on a rough trail is critical to designing a bike like Laufey. The downtube and headtube areas are stiff, offering precision and great pedalling, however by very carefully adding some controlled flex into the toptube and seat stays we can help reduce unwanted vibrations and lessen the effects of impacts.

This smoothness can be tested in the laboratory, but more importantly it can be felt on the trails. During the development of Laufey we used a combination of computer modelling, laboratory testing and pure, outright shredding on the trails, to guide us to the sweet spot.

Lockr: Everything You Need, Right At Hand

When it is time to shred Laufey is ready. Lockr is our downtube cargo bay, with the new OC bag and enough space for all the essential tools and whatever you need for short rides or longer days.

Use it to hold tools, or you can decide to fill it with energy gels.

Ready to Rock Geometry

Take a slack, low slung frame. Add Steep and Deep to maximize maneuverability and a big 140mm fork for when things get crazy. Precision shaping of the chainstays to give lots of clearance for grippy 2.6" tires. That is the recipe for fun!

Slack and Low Slung

Steep 'n' Deep

140mm Fork

2.6" tire Clearance

Big Forks

The long travel 140mm fork matches Laufey's fun loving nature, letting you push hard even when things get rough.

Steep 'n' Deep

Thanks to the uninterrupted, short and straight seat tube Laufey has space for fully inserting long travel dropper posts on all sizes. Drop your saddle right out of the way on the descents, giving more space to more your body and more control. Long travel droppers are the only way!

Ready to Rock Geometry

Don't feel you have to hold back just because you are on a hardtail, Laufey is ready for any trouble you want to seek out. Laufey's confident geometry lets you have fun on trails where other riders only venture with their fully.

Low Slung

The sloping top tube works with Steep´n´Deep, giving loads of space to maximize Laufey's playfulness.


Laufey is available in four sizes, from S to XL.

Burly Tire Clearance

Laufey's carefully shaped chainstays offer plenty of clearance for 2.6" tires.

Tough. Simple. Unstoppable.

Laufey is a bombproof hardtail, built to survive abuse. The factory fitted vinyl protects the downtube from the inevitable rock strikes and the internal cables are protected and hidden.

Advanced Alloy Frame

Factory Fitted Protection

Internal Cables

Advanced Aluminium Frame

Laufey's advanced aluminium frame with shaped tubes allows us to fine tune the ride quality while also saving weight. The tubes are double or triple butted, adding strength to the high stress weld areas and saving weight elsewhere. The chainstay at the bottom bracket is forged and machined, allowing us to maximize tire clearance for those muddy rides.

Using aluminum technologies as advanced as our carbon manufacturing ensures our aluminum bikes are never second-best.

Internal cables

The internal cable routing guides cables through the downtube and chainstays to ensure no rubbing or rattling.

Chainguide Ready

The ISCG01 mount allows secure mounting of Laufey's chain guide.

Downtube Protector

The downtube is protected from the inevitable stone strikes by the robust and invisible vinyl protector which offers great coverage.

Rubber Bumpers

The chainstays are protected by our custom designed rubber bumpers, designed to protect and to reduce noise.


We have total confidence in our products and our tireless efforts to ensure that Orbea bicycles are of the highest quality enable us to offer you the Orbea Lifetime Warranty.

Always Ready No Matter What Trails

Whether you are riding XC, or hitting the local jump trail, Laufey is ready. Put on XC tires, or choose more aggressive rubber. The Trail Geometry is built for shredding but that also means that it is confidence-inspiring for newer riders.




We offer a lifetime warranty on your bike frame once the legal warranty period has expired.


If your bike cracks or breaks due to external factors, we’ll provide you with a discount for a similar new frame.


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